Bristol Bay

Committed to full protections
and nothing less.

Bristol Bay represents a special bond between people and place.

This region fully embodies the spirit of Alaska. For millennia, Indigenous peoples have continuously maintained a reciprocal relationship with these special lands, drawing from deep generational knowledge to steward its pristine waters and rich soil. Home to the world’s largest wild sockeye salmon run and tens of thousands of jobs that help feed Americans from coast to coast, people from around the world are drawn to its extraordinary beauty and abundance year after year. At the heart of Bristol Bay is balance, grit, and a deep respect for all that this ecosystem gives. But unfortunately, there are still some who wish to exploit it. That’s why we must continue working together and fight to protect it forever.


Large-scale mining in Bristol Bay threatens all of this with toxic waste capable of seeping into the delicate watershed. In January 2023, the United States Environmental Protection Agency stopped one of the largest threats to the region: The Pebble Mine. But there is more work to do. These are some of Earth’s last great wild salmon runs, supporting some of the world’s last intact salmon-based cultures. It is a thriving, intact ecosystem that must be protected. Forever.

Stand with Bristol Bay. Forever.